Committed to Inspiring Change

I have worked in financial services since 2004, including 9 years for two FTSE 100 companies, working with executives, small business owners and successful entrepreneurs.

I quit being employed in 2014 and have run my own business since.  That has grown from a one person business into a small successful boutique working with a portfolio of clients providing lifestyle financial planning.  I've incorporated coaching techniques into a financial planning context to help people get the answers they really want about their money.   In the space of 5 years I grew the turnover 10x and along the way built a highly effective team and workplace culture.

I know what it is like to take the leap into the unknown and put responsibility of your success in your own hands.  It's scary, but one of the most rewarding things you can do. 

I believe that people are naturally creative and resourceful, and the role of a coach is to help successful people achieve bigger and better things.  Coaching isn't councelling, therapy or performance management.

People coached by me have said I have a relaxed and confident style.  I'm not afraid to challenge where I think you need to stretch your goals or work past  limiting beliefs.  Sometimes we make our biggest gains when someone is there to hold us accountable.

I love learning and personally and professionally I feel happy when I am progressing.  I'm fascinated by our ability to create and achieve better futures for ourselves.  I've got a keen sense of adventure and creating time to persue the things you love outside of work to switch off is important.

Why work me me?

I'm a qualified coach firstly, coaching is a skill.  Experience helps but there are core skills that need to be learned in order to be an effective coach.  I completed a practitioner diploma in executive coaching with the Academy of Executive Coaching.  I also completed an NLP practitioner certificate and am currently studying an MSc in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility analysis.

When I coach, I combine my academic knowledge with my own personal life and career experiences.  As a client you get the benefit of both.

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