Who I work with

I believe that I do my best work with people who I have similar values.  Our first meeting will be to establish whether I am the right coach for you and whether you are the right fit for me.  This meeting will be held at no cost.  The main things I look for are, you are already successful and want to do more.  You value family and spending time away from work as important.  Lastly, that you can commit to the process, as it's important to me that the work we do together is a success.

The best fit for me is, you are at the point where you have already had success in your life and are at the point where you are considering your next move.  You may be at the point where you want to go onto greater success, or you would like create more time away from work and acheive better work/life balance.  You may be considering your next career move, want to grow your business or are thinking about starting one.  I will work with you to identify the things you want to change or accelerate.

The aim of us working together is to help you achieve more clarity in your thinking by using coaching techniques to give you greater insight.  I believe that my experience in business helps,  I understand how difficult life can be at times, and how many plates you have to spin. 

My commitment to you is that during the time we work together I am available whenever you need me.  I work with no more than 10 clients at a time as a result.

The areas I typically coach on are:

• Happiness/ fulfilment level

• Peak performance/ maximising your potential

• Sense of purpose/ goal setting

• Productivity/ taking action

• Gaining clarity

• Overcoming procrastination

• Work/ life balance

• Interview techniques

• Body language

• Leadership

• Public speaking

• Motivation

• Personal development

• Stress reduction

• Business start-up

• Leadership


We will discuss the level of fees when we first meet.  The cost will depend on the length of time we work together and the number of sessions involved. My minimum fee is £2,500.

There will be no charge the first time we meet and when working together, I fully refund the cost of my time if you do not feel it is completely adding value.


Contact me at James@equiexec.co.uk to arrange an initial meeting.  This will be held virtually.

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